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I am based in Bradenton, Florida. I have been shooting photographs for over 30 years, experienced in a wide variety of subjects, ranging from portraits, to sports and events, infared, to beauty and editorial pictures. Starting out with a basic film camera, developing photographs in a dark room, advancing to medium to large format and digital images.

My work has been published internatioanlly, and has been featured in various gallery showings, Including celebrity photos, such as Woody Harrelson, Elizabeth Shue, as well as various professional sports players. My commericial and personal work expands over a large range of images from still life to fashion to unique portraits.

The passion for my work is what drives me to be innovative and creative with my artistry, in addition to this, honesty; punctuality and intergrity are of the utmost importance. When I am not shooting, editing or pouring over all things photography related, here are some of the things I love having in my life; my family, my faith, traveling, eating delicious food, watching gators football and exploring the wonder all around us.

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